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Goran Djurovic

Ohne Titel, 2007 (1)ZoomEdition Gerd HatjeGoran DjurovicOhne Titel, 2007 (1)

Ohne Titel, 2007 (1)

untitled, 2008 (2)ZoomEdition Gerd HatjeGoran Djurovicohne Titel, 2008 (2)

ohne Titel, 2008 (2)

Odd things occur in Goran Djurovic’s atmospheric paintings. Figures wearing bird masks present symbolic objects on tables: fruit, fragile towers made of playing cards, or little model houses. Toy soldiers play golf. An oversized ape tries to feed a stuffed monkey. The artist’s presentation of these senseless, doomed attempts to act “normal” is distinctly reserved, and the “carnival of life” remains absurd. Despite their comical figures, Djurovic’s paintings are not really funny, and yet a ray of hope can be detected in them.

For our Collector’s Edition, the artist has selected a series of ten small drawings in color on homemade paper, each featuring Djurovic’s signature ironic caesuras and paradoxical inversions. Format, palette, technique, and subject of each work vary; we would be glad to send you a PDF so that you can select a motif.

Goran Djurovic
Ohne Titel, 2007 (1)

Original drawing on different rag papers,
in folder, with book
sheet size: variable, c. 20 x 27 cm
Limited edition of 10,

out of print

€ 600.00

Goran Djurovic
untitled, 2008 (2)

Sheet size: 36 x 40 cm
Image size: 19.5 x 29.3 cm
Limited edition of 25,
signed and numbered


€ 280.00

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About Goran Djurovic

Goran Djurovic (*1952 in Belgrade, Serbia) lives and works in Berlin. 1975: Studied art at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Dresden. More about Goran Djurovic in the Hatje Cantz art dictionary »

The Correlated Book

Goran DjurovicGoran Djurovic
Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst
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