Gianpietro Carlesso

Visione complessiva

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Gianpietro Carlesso
Visione complessiva

Graphic design by Margarethe Hausstätter, ed. Markus Klammer, text(s) by Giuliana Carbi, Markus Klammer, Adrian Locke, David Anfam


2014. 256 pp., 433 ills.


24.80 x 30.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3650-3

Fragments that result in a whole: the sculptures by the Italian sculptor

In terms of craftsmanship and technique, the sculptural oeuvre of Gianpietro Carlesso (*1961 in Bolzano) follows in the steps of Old Master sculpture. With respect to content and form, however, the artist concentrates on contemporary ways to express himself in his medium. Fundamental to his work are the relationships between intellectual and scientific questions, reality and imagination, the finite and the infinite.

Carlesso begins by combining materials such as stone, marble, and iron. Over the past thirty years he has used this method to produce, first, the Weiche Formen (Soft Forms), then the Decostruzioni (Deconstructions), the Plant and Seed Forms, and finally the Curvatures. Although Carlesso’s art always addresses the human being, people are never directly recognizable in his works. For the observer, this opens up complex associations between the experience of a work and its figurative form.

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