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The utmost care has been taken in the compilation of all content and the design of this Website. Should you wish to report an error or an infringement of a law, we kindly ask you to send a message to that effect to the Webmaster. We will check and if necessary deal with your complaint immediately as far as this is technically possible and reasonable.


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The content of this Website is protected by copyright. We do grant users the right to store extracts of texts provided on this Website for personal use only as well as to copy text for the purposes of advertising our products. We also permit users to copy covers of books offered for Internet sale for advertising purposes. Illustrations and texts from certain titles provided in Press downloads are exclusively for use by the press and may only be used by editors and journalists in connection with press publications.

In all the aforementioned special cases, however, the Copyright notice must be reproduced on all copies of our Website or parts thereof.

In addition, we exclusively retain copyrights for publicized content and subjects and those we ourselves have produced. Copying or use of such graphics and texts in another electronic or print publication without our express permission is not allowed.

The transfer of product information from our product database is not allowed.

In addition, intellectual property rights apply, in particular of online works, computer programs and databases as set out in §§ 2, 4, 69a ff and 87a ff of the German Copyright Act (UrhG).

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