I finished my pack of fuji. The last image needed two sheets of film. I photographed my rotting compost heap. There is a malevolent beauty in it. The musty hues and dank colours suit my mood and are perfect for my last sheet of fuji. I now have a box of polaroid 559 to work with- expired 1992. Today I saw a De Vere 504 enlarger online for a very reasonable price. Is it worth the investment in time and money? Who cares if I shoot on 5×4 film and print the negative myself? The only digital intervention would be if I chose to show it online. Otherwise I could hang it on a wall and it would be a true original: Conceived, executed and presented by me.

Does anybody care? I do.
Maybe that is the point. Is this the inherent strength in the image? Because I care so much.

Process.Craft. Authenticity. These are buzzwords in our hipster culture. A backstory . Something to touch and feel. Keep it real. who gives a damn?
kind regards