Is film DEAD and does it matter anyway?

By Jason McGlade In an old camera case i found a full pack of fuji fp-100c45 for my 5×4 camera. This film is a now discontinued instant sheet film compatible with large format cameras. Along with Polaroid 55 type (which gave you an accompanying black and white negative ) this is one of many films that is no longer available or sometimes available on eBay. I recently saw an expired pack of fpc40 for €300.5x4one 

I still shoot film for reasons that i will explain later although back in the nineties when digital photography was still in its infancy film was by far superior and so most pros shot with film. We used Polaroid before shooting film to get exposure, lighting and even composition right- it was a great way of working. Polaroid was readily available and affordable and if you had a good client you could add boxes of instant film to your budget sheet. In this way I stockpiled lots of film and over the years have created many projects exclusively in polaroid.




Now my stockpile has gone and so I was very excited to discover this one box.

Now the big question is what to do with it? I have 8 sheets. I used two sheets for testing- film seems perfect – the touch, feel and smell brought memories flooding back!
Over the next month I will (not allowing for any mistakes) shoot 8 images. I will also try to get a handle on this big topic that interests me so much and that is PROCESS. …..Working with a large format camera and film involves a process that is both meticulous and very technical. It slows the process of image making down and helps to focus my mind. Some photographers would argue that this process actually limits us as image makers.
My starting point is a lucky find. I hope to arrive at a point where I have some beautiful images and feel comfortable and justified in my practice.

I hope you can join me and help me to understand some of these questions.
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