WORLD WIDE ORDER by Julian Röder

Julian Röder is a German photographer (born 1981) who is based in Berlin and a member of the collective photo agency OSTKREUZ after having previously been an apprentice of the agency at the age of 16. The book World Wide Order presents four of his works made during the last 13 years on several continents: The Summits (2001-2008), World of Warfare (2011), Human Resources (2007-2009), Mission and Task (2012-2013). 



Julian Röder photographs very different topics but he always focuses on the political, social and economic relationships in our world. He also approaches his various projects with strongly different aesthetics. This position is physically translated in the book where the series and texts are printed on different papers or with different kinds of ink. Interviewed by Matthias Flügge, the photographer explains « I do not want to limit myself to one specific photographic form, instead I seek to expand aesthetic range in a way that is appropriate to each particular topic. »

The first series presented in the book is The Summits, which deals with the protests that took place during the G8 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and USA) summits in Genoa, Evian, Geneva, Thessaloniki, Gleneagles, Heiligendamm, Hokkaido and Sapporo from 2001 to 2008. Julian Röder first travelled to the 27th G8 in Genoa in 2001 with friends to photograph but also to take part in the protest. His images showing both riots and quiet moments always reveal a sort of distance despite his personal engagement.



The Summits (2001-2008)

Röder manages to shape his position and his photographic technic very well: by pretending being outside when he is inside (The Summits), by making fun of an event when he is accredited as an official journalist for the largest weapons fair in Dubai (World of Warfare), by slightly retouching his images to give his thesis more power (Human Resources), or by exceptionally using the codes of advertising photography (Mission and Task). Very exciting.


World of Warfare (2011)


Human Resources (2007-2009)


IMG_2976_bdMission and Task (2012-2013)

The book World Wide Order also provides the reader very interesting texts written by several authors about the works: Sean O’ Toole, Elisabeth Giers and Kolja Reichert. An interview of Julian Röder by Matthias Flügge is also published and explains a lot about the position of the photographer. To the question « so you beat the system by a process of affiliation. Isn’t that a dangerous strategy that could be potentially misunderstood? », Röder answers: « Definitely. That is why the contextualization with my other work is so important. You only really understand the works in association with the others. »

His work is currently presented together with Robert Capa’s photographs in the exhibition CC – Classic Contemporary: Julian Röder & Robert Capa at the Kunsthalle Erfurt until the 28th of September 2014.

Photographs © Julian Röder

“World Wide Order” Julian Röder
Published by Hatje Cantz, 2014
Texts by Julian Röder, Matthias Flügge, Elisabeth Giers, Sean O’Toole, Kolja Reichert
Graphic design by Maria M. Koehn
German, English
132 pp., 74 ills., 24.80 x 31.60 cm, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-7757-3855-2
35 EUR


  1. Felix Koltermann wrote:

    Thanks for this interesting insight into Julian Röders book. The aspect that I like in the work is that he tries to picture the hidden powers. But even though I see the connection in his projects to state power and to economic power structures like the G8, I have the feeling that the title is a bit too much. For showing a ‘World Wide Order’ there are same essentials parts missing. Maybe a photo-project to come?