Écal Photography (and thank you and farewell)

"Coco," 2012, Saada Priscillia

And this, my last post for fotoblog, a bittersweet farewell, and a highlight to another of their beautiful publications. I would like to give resounding thanks to Hatje Cantz for providing this unique forum to the wonderful array of bloggers they have invited to populate their site. It has been tremendously enjoyable to be able to post in this fashion, about whatever I wish in whatever way I like, over the course of the month. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do so and will, truthfully, start missing it the moment I press “publish” on this last post. Thank you, Hatje Cantz!

Écal Photography, published last fall by Hatje Cantz, features work by photography students at ECAL, in Switzerland, one of the top art schools in the world.

"Berry Blossoms Blue," 2011, by Alexia Cayre

“Berry Blossoms Blue,” 2011, by Alexia Cayre

"Mind Games," 2011, by Philippe Fragnière

“Mind Games,” 2011, by Philippe Fragnière

"Séduction," 2009, by Cyril Porchet

“Séduction,” 2009, by Cyril Porchet

From the press release: “Here the students are free to create, question the traditional genres, explore new territories, and experiment with their media. No art school should aim to create new trends expressly for the market. However, one can detect in these works the intimations of new practices in photography.”

It is a wide assortment of playful, colorful, and formally serious work from students already contributing to the art world. Interviews with Oliver Broomberg, Jason Evans, Paolo Roversi, and Joachim Schmid, all visiting professors, supplement the array of work.

"Objets," 2012, Armand Yerly

“Objets,” 2012, Armand Yerly

"Days of Threshold," 2012, by Jeremy Ayer

“Days of Threshold,” 2012, by Jeremy Ayer

"Maldoror," 2013, Jean-Vincent Simonet

“Maldoror,” 2013, Jean-Vincent Simonet

Top image: “Coco,” 2012, by Priscillia Saada. All work copyright the artists.