“Too Tired for Sunshine” by Tara Wray

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Tara Wray (@tara_wray) is a photographer based in Vermont. Her most recent photobook, Too Tired for Sunshine, was published by Yoffy Press in 2018. In Too Tired for Sunshine, Tara Wray confronts depression by documenting the beauty, darkness, and absurdity of everyday life. Drawn from her daily life and wanderings, the photos explore loneliness and isolation, filtered through her lens of absurdist dark humor. Too Tired for Sunshine puts a fine point on channeling pain into creative expression. We are both witnessing the process and experiencing the result. Tara Wray takes us on a visual and emotional journey with disarming humor that lets us lean in to the sadness.


Wray recently launched the Too Tired Project on Instagram, a photo initiative that aims to help those struggling with depression by offering a place for collective creative expression, with a curated selection of the work to be published in book form by Yoffy Press.

Version 2