Photowalk for Hatje Cantz’s Berlin Stories Vol 4 with Annette Hauschild

Bus M29, Dez. 2012, im M29 durch Berlin, vor dem KaDeWe

Hatje Cantz, This Aint Art School feat. Gregor Klar invite you on a stroll aka Instawalk through West Berlin for #meetberlinstories. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, October 6
Start Time: 3pm
Meeting pointto be announced

Kugelblitz, Eckkneipe im Wedding, Berlin 2017

Berlin is a diverse, vibrant, international city, full of history. It is also an important center of contemporary art and photography, attracting all kinds of thinkers and makers. For their photobook series Berlin Stories, Hatje Cantz asked different photographers for their personal visions of the city. The next two volumes are dedicated to the work of Ralph Mecke, who was born in Berlin but now lives in New York, and Annette Hauschild, a long-time resident of Berlin and part of the renowned Agentur Ostkreuz. Hauschild’s contribution to the series is titled Last Days of Disco, Berlin Stories Vol 4, and it focuses on the streets of West Berlin, capturing in black-and-white the changes that the neighborhood has undergone since the fall of the Iron Curtin.

Now we want to ask you for your view of Berlin! We’ll take a photowalk through West Berlin, and even meet Annette Hauschild on the way. If you want to join us, please leave a comment here.

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