“Marie Ulmer” by Candace Karch


Hi, this is Andrea for This Aint Art School, an online photography platform and community.TAAS is always on the lookout for new and interesting projects to feature, and I’ve been sharing some of our most popular with you over the last month. For my final feature, I’m happy to share the work of Candace Karch.


Candace Karch (@sugarbeam on instagram) has been taking photos since before the invention of Instagram. In her early days, she shot film. In her mid-days, she discovered digital photography. Now in her mid to late days she is using an IPhone, a point and shoot and occasionally reuniting with “Madame” her Mamiya C330.


Karch describes the subject of one of her recent photographic series, Marie Ulmer, as “a 101-year-old artist who rose to viral “fame” in 2015 when the series “Ms Ulmer” took third place in the lensculture portrait awards. She has made a piece of artwork every day for the last 95 years. Her work, which spans over eight decades, includes a wide variety of styles and mediums. Some of the most striking works for me have been her self-portraits. She used herself as a model primarily because, as she put it, “I drew who was available.” She never married and never had children. She has often expressed that a man might have interfered with her work. In the “Ms Ulmer” series she was able to discover a personality, she never explored, in front of my camera to become my muse. Marie Ulmer has spent a lifetime devoting herself to art, her constant companion. I have great admiration for her focus and dedication to her one true love, art.”

marieiphonenet marienun1 msulmergreencap2 msulmertatto ulmertubhair