Shortcuts 13

5 questions on photography
Today: Andres Serrano, photographer
Met at the opening of his exhibition at Musée Europeen de la Photographie, Paris


How do you see photography today?
The same way I saw it yesterday. The only difference is that there is a lot of digital photography now. I have a problem with digital photography. Because it looks manipulated and it looks fake. The other thing is everybody can be a photographer, everybody with an iphone is a photographer, and that means there are few artists left who are real photographers.

What has impressed you recently?
I have to tell you my own work impresses me the most, and I have two exhibitions right now in Paris. The other thing that impresses me is a photo I took in 2012 for my american series, which I never showed before, now for the first time, and it’s a portrait of Donald Trump. It’s a special portrait for me now, because it’s a picture of the president of the United States.

Your first photo book?
I don’t remember the first one. I still like my book on The Morgue. That has been very special to me. It’s out of print now, I think we should publish it again.

Next project?
I’m thinking about it. Jerusalem „Salvation“ is a recent project. „Torture“ is a new project. And I’m planning more museum shows in the next future. My next project should be my memories. I’ve been putting off for years.

Photography is …
… not dead.