Local Vs Global

Photography is a fairly globalised thing. Check the internet: it’s full of pictures. You can easily read of lands far away where photography is happening… and see the pictures. People on the other hand don’t travel digitally. They have to move around with bicycles, planes and trains. They are sort of local creatures of habit. Much less nomadic than they used to be.

What is the point of galleries nowadays? In Third Floor Gallery we’ve got the criticism of not being local enough. We keep an eye on blogs, publishers, photographers and galleries independently of their location. But is it enough to be part of that network and node structure? How locally focused and by which means should you be? Welsh photography or British photography quotas? Great conversation to go hand in hand with Brexit.

TFG in Western Europe
TFG in the context of Western Europe

What do you think is the solution to having a physical gallery that is local within a network and content that are global? Do you follow galleries which you have never visited (I’ve never been to MoMA or FOAM)? Do you think there is a risk of being so local as to being insular?