Robert Morat



Installation day at Paris Photo! Very happy with our booth and excited to be showing “The Alphabet of New Plants” by Robert Voit! Hatje Cantz is launching the book here at the fair this week and we are thrilled to show this selection from the project!


Hamburg storag

A glimpse behind the scenes – this is a look into our Hamburg storage and yes, we have an issue with space! There is a great quote by Liza Minnelli: “Show Business is like a hospital gown – looking from behind, it’s a sorry sight!”

Most of what you see in this snap shot are the pieces packed and ready to be shipped off to Paris for our booth at Paris Photo! The fair kicks off Wednesday and we are on our way today!



November is always the busiest month in our gallery calendar. With the fall openings in both our gallery locations in Hamburg and Berlin in September, November mostly sees two openings of follow up shows AND preparations for the year’s most important fair, “Paris Photo”, kicking off next Wednesday!

For us, the month started Friday night with the opening of Michael Lange’s FLUSS exhibition in Hamburg. It is already our third exhibition of Michael’s work and an opening that I had been looking forward to. The gallery has shifted activities to Berlin this year, I moved and live in Berlin now and it was great to be catching up with our Hamburg circle of friends and collectors and….with a great group of people at the post-opening dinner….well, it got late!