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Jason McGlade is a photographer and creative director well known for his eclectic style and unusual approach to fashion and advertising photography. His clients include Diesel, Sony, Etro, DSquared, Siemens, Ideal Standard, Coppola, and Creative. His work has been published all over the world in magazines such as Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Pelle, Elle, Hekmag, Sportswear International, Intersection, Dealer Deluxe, Sunday Times Style, Sleazenation, Der Spiegel and Tank. His editorial work inspired him to create his own magazine - Freestyle Magazine, which is round and fits inside a frisbee. Jason is based in London, UK.

The death of film and the re-birth of ideas.



My box of Polaroid 559 is in bad shape. Much worse than the Fuji pack.

It pulls me towards the conclusion that film really is dead. Which saddens me.

But in death there is beauty and Death is not the opposite of Life, but the counterpart to Birth.

New ideas are born every second.