Eva Vermandel


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Eva Vermandel

Text(s) by Duncan Forbes, graphic design by Filip De Baudringhien


2013. 112 pp., 53 ills.

half cloth

20.50 x 23.90 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3639-8

An intensification of everyday life captured by the London-based photographer

An appeal for slowness and heightened awareness — Eva Vermandel assembles distilled images, calm and sensuous, in Splinter. Her photographs work like the proverbial splinter in the eye of the beholder, embedding themselves in the psyche of the viewer.

In her series Vermandel (*1974) braces herself against the torrent of highly disposable media images that, seeking our attention, rushes in at us daily and with increasing speed. Her motifs are unspectacular, intimate and withdrawn: people, often in their homes, alone or with friends or children, personal objects on shelves or cupboards. Warm flecks fly about their accented materiality. Sensitive, intensely felt and at the same time solid, Vermandel’s photographs draw deep on the traditions of art history.

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Eva Vermandel

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Eva Vermandel’s Splinter

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