Eva & Adele


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Eva & Adele

Ed. Eva & Adele, Ulrich Krempel

German, English

1997. 160 pp., 176 ills.


23.40 x 29.90 cm

ISBN 978-3-89322-325-1

Eva & Adele - even the stage name is suggestive of something paradisical - made their first appearance as an androgynous living artwork in 1988. The shrill and shimmering packaging in which they have presented themselves ever since (pink costumes, pumps, shaved heads, makeup, jewelry and angels' wings), along with their radiant smiles inspire astonished gazes, laughter and genuine enjoyment - not to mention a feverish clicking of camera shutters - among people all over the world. Their public personas - together with printed ephemera including the photos that show up in the press or are sent to them from nearly everywhere - represent the artwork, while the photographers are its co- creators. "Wherever we are, there's a museum", they say, making the entire world a boundless stage for their existence as artists. Their courageous and radical work evokes both delight and admiration, affirming them in their role as "World Communicative Global Plastic." Published as an artist's book, cum sheds shimmering light on their work and their re-birth as the world's best known trans- gender twins.

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