Eva & Adele

Nota - Licht auf Weimar

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Eva & Adele
Nota - Licht auf Weimar

Ed. Ulrich Krempel, text(s) by Dietmar Kamper, Bernd Rosner

Series: Reihe Cantz

German, English

1999. 64 pp., 18 ills.


15.50 x 20.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-89322-244-5

Enchanting and disconcerting, open-hearted yet surrounded by an aura of aloofness, Eva and Adele appear as if from nowhere at all major international art and culture events. Impossible to ignore, they emerge within seconds as the most eye-catching feature and the secret heart of all these biennials and "documentas". Uninvited, like everything else "from the future", they become "part of the family" almost immediately, for they are the most conspicuous of all in their shrill costumes - pink and metallic, leopard-spotted, exhibiting all of the other hallmarks of an obsolete, cosmopolitan chic society, and often winged, like angels. During "Light on Weimar", a project realised by the Weimar 1999 - Kulturstadt Europas GmbH, Eva & Adele made frequent visits to Weimar. Yet even during their temporary absences they remained present in video trailers in store windows and public places throughout the city. In a video installation presented in the cellar of the Stadtschloss they appeared as larger-than-life figures reciting over and over again the same fragment of a sentence written by Gabriel Garcia Márquez: ". . . and with their wings stirred up the time frozen within".

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