Europe in the Renaissance

Metamorphoses 1400-1600

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Europe in the Renaissance
Metamorphoses 1400-1600

Text(s) by Bernard Aikema, Peter Burke, Caroline Campbell, Felipe Fernández-Armesto, Urs B. Leu, Bernd Roeck, Nicolette Mout, Patrizia Castelli, Toby E. Huff, Achatz von Müller, Heinz Schilling, Robert Muchembled, Denise Tonella, graphic design by Atelier Sternstein, ed. Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum


2016. 380 pp., 344 ills.


23.70 x 29.60 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4073-9

Fresh look at the Renaissance: renowned experts examine processes of cultural exchange

The Renaissance experienced some of the most important advances in human history: the invention of the printing press using movable letters, the discovery of an unknown continent, and the formulation of a new view of the earth. It was a time when people sought to solve the riddles of nature, experimented with alchemy, set out to develop a new medical science, conceived a new vision of humankind, and created beauty in the form of pictures and architecture, sculpture and literature. All these discoveries and creations would have been unimaginable without cultural exchange. The Renaissance was an era of dialogue and new horizons in thinking over great distances and time.

Based on numerous examples—works of art, instruments, and objects of everyday life—this publication invites readers to trace the various paths of transference. Renowned authors take us to antiquity and the Orient, to Italy and through half of Europe. (German editon ISBN 978-3-7757-4072-2 )

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