Ernst Giselbrecht/Gottfried Bechtold

Schule Kaindorf

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Ernst Giselbrecht/Gottfried Bechtold
Schule Kaindorf

Ed. Kunsthaus Bregenz, archiv kunst architektur, Edelbert Köb

Series: Werkdokumente

German, English

1996. 64 pp., 29 ills.


16.50 x 20.10 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-0618-6

In one of its major thematic complexes, the "Werkdokumente Series" focuses on exemplary projects involving co- operation between architects and artists. The award-winning new building for the Federal Technical Education Centre in Kaindorf, built according to plans drawn up by architect Ernst Giselbrecht and artist Gottfried Bechtold of the Vorarlberg region exhibits the interwoven, yet mutually contradictory contributions of architect and artist, proving that free Conceptual Art and functional architecture can indeed represent different manifestations of one and the same spatial material. Giselbrecht encodes, Bechtold deciphers. Each attempts in his own way -arguing on the basis of the continuity and logic of his own discipline - to achieve a conclusive interpretation of site and function. Giselbrecht coolly circumscribes an area of rationality. Perceiving this area and its technocratic aura, Bechtold confronts it with the irrationality of randomness and the dynamics of life with his computer-driven lighting design and its capacity to respond to the intensity of school activity.

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