Doyeon Gwon

Flashbulb Memory

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Doyeon Gwon
Flashbulb Memory

Ed. ILWOO Foundation, graphic design by Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt


2020. 176 pp., 69 ills.


25.50 x 31.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4687-8

Photography and Memory

Initially, it is the quiet elegance of these photos that fascinates. With his camera the Korean photographer Doyeon Gwon creates concentrated visual worlds of refined clarity. Upon second glance, it is the narrative density of his style that keeps viewers lingering in front of his pictures. The photographs are either planned and arranged in the studio, or else snapshots of the moment. Sometimes Gwon uses the accentuated contrast of black-and-white, and at other times he plays with the delicacy of discreet colors. But what always distinguishes the pictures is the fact that they draw their narratives directly from the photographer’s life and memory. This exquisite book of photographs contains five complete series by this exceptional artist. From Traveller Novice, the series that drew attention to Gwon, to the current study, Bukhansan, this volume provides a comprehensive look at Gwon’s clever and sensual work.

DOYEON GWON (*1980, Seoul) studied literature at Hanyang University and then photography at Sangmyung University. His unique style quickly brought him international renown. His works have been seen in many solo and group exhibitions, and he is the recipient of multiple awards.
​Ilwoo Foundation, Seoul
March, 4—April14,2020

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