Doug Aitken

A-Z Book (Fractals)

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Doug Aitken
A-Z Book (Fractals)

Ed. Marion Boulton Stroud, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, Beatrix Ruf, Kunsthalle Zürich, contributions by Dan Kish und Doug Aitken, Russell Ferguson und Doug Aitken, text(s) by Philippe Parreno, Michael Speaks


2003. 128 pp., 78 ills.


25.50 x 33.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-1291-0

A, B, C, D, E... In this new, experimental volume of the work of artist Doug Aitken, the alphabet serves as an underlying organizational structure, a map which readers can turn to as a guide for moving through the book's images and texts. Combining a selection of new and older artwork alongside diverse texts, this book juxtaposes seemingly unrelated elements, creating shifting relationships and patterns that emerge only with time. On the visual side, A-Z (Fractals) offers a selection of past work, new photography, images from recent video pieces - such as Interiors, New Ocean and New Skin -and a new series of collages. On the verbal side are an essay by noted architcture and design scholar Michael Speaks, excerpts from a conversation between Aitken and curator Russel Ferguson, a short story by artist Philippe Parreno, a series of short entries written by Aitken, and excerpts from a conversation between Aitken and Dan Kish, a blind man working at the Braille Institute in Los Angeles on echo location. Published in conjunction with The Fabric Workshop and Kunsthalle Zurich. Exhibition Schedule: The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia September 20, 2002 - January 11, 2003 · Kunsthalle Zürich June 15 - August 10, 2003

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