Die Picasso-Connection

Der Künstler und sein Bremer Galerist

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Die Picasso-Connection
Der Künstler und sein Bremer Galerist

Ed. Manuela Husemann, Barbara Nierhoff-Wielk, text(s) by Michael Hertz, Kai Hohenfeld, Manuela Husemann, Barbara Nierhoff-Wielk, graphic design by one / one


2020. 224 pp., 471 ills.


22.50 x 27.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4804-9

Picasso’s success story in Bremen

Without a doubt, Picasso is one of the most important and versatile artistic personalities of the twentieth century. But how does a body of work become so successful, and how does it wind up in major collections, museums, and exhibitions? Not infrequently, it is the courage of individuals who recognize genius in the works and advocate for them in the face of conservatism and criticism. In Picasso’s case, this role in Germany fell to the Bremen art dealer Michael Hertz. His commitment in the post-war period is not only due to Picasso's exhibition at the documenta 3 in 1964, but also to the Kunsthalle Bremen, which has one of the most extensive collections of the artist’s prints. This volume brings together the outstanding printworks, including lithographs, linocuts, and artist’s books. Picasso’s oeuvre of prints can be regarded as a fascinating collection, in which can be read the triumph of the affordable medium in post-war Germany, as well as the dealer's strong commitment.

PABLO PICASSO (1881–1973) is regarded as the epitome of the twentieth-century artist. In addition to his paintings and sculptures, his graphic works also enjoy special fame.
MICHAEL HERTZ (1912–1987) made a name for himself in the post-war period as an art dealer. Through his contacts to the French art scene, he encountered the work of Picasso and became the exclusive representative for his printworks in Germany.

Art Gallery Bremen
November 21, 2020–March 21, 2021

English Edition

  • The Picasso Connection

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