Epicentres at the periphery

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Epicentres at the periphery

Ed. Francesca Ferguson, text(s) by Omar Akbar, Angelika Fitz, Peter Wilson u.a., Kai Vöckler, Sonja Beeck, Francesca Ferguson, Peter Lewis, Gerd de Bruyn

German, English

2004. 256 pp., 264 ills.


17.20 x 24.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-1482-2

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the German pavilion of the 9th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice gives an up-to-date overview of over thirty-five contemporary architectural projects in peripheral urban areas, suburbs, and de-industrialized zones in Germany. The projects focus on transforming and reactivating banal everyday architecture-business parks, conventional housing types, and industrial structures-and open up a new perception of the German situation, or "deutschlandscape." With ironic self-reflection, architectural norms are reworked and given a new aesthetic twist. The projects, built by a critical young generation of German architects, are characterized by a highly innovative use of new materials, generating suburban "plug-ins"-temporary and mobile architecture-and skillfully reworking the familiar to create solutions for hitherto underrepresented yet vital areas on the urban fringe which are both provocative and enigmatic. 9th International Architecture Exhibition 2004, Venice, September 12 - November 7, 2004

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Venice Biennale

Venice has held a biennial every two years since 1895. Today it is one of the world´s most important exhibitions of international contemporary art.

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