Daniele Buetti

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Daniele Buetti

Ed. Christoph Doswald, text(s) by Christoph Doswald, Simon Maurer, Dorothea Strauss, graphic design by FLAG - Aubry/Berger/Broquard


2003. 256 pp., 225 ills.


21.00 x 28.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-1292-7

Daniele Buetti is one of the most important artists in recent years to explore the topic of lifestyle and media codes. The artist, born in Switzerland in 1955, has become known to a wider audience by his working over of fashion advertisements, the re-formulation of fair appearances embodied by super models like Claudia and Naomi, Giselle and Kate: "Never enough of you" is what he scrawled onto the bodies in a martial-looking typography, bringing the phantasmatic effect of mass communications precisely to a point. Or the models suffer a transfiguration to "Nike", the trademarks of the products they advertise visible as growth-like identifications on their skin. Due to such forceful subjects, Buetti has been called the "new king of pop" - a designation much too short-sighted in the light of Buetti’s extensive oeuvre of the last ten years, an oeuvre which explores the topic of our goods and consumption-happy society in a much larger context. The publication at hand for the first time reveals the performance-like beginnings, provides an overview over the most important installations, photograph panels, illuminated boxes and videos and traces the origins of the "winged cross", Buetti’s trademark from the late eighties.

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