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Daniele Buetti

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This Swiss artist became internationally famous in the nineties. In his photographs, thick scars—advertising slogans and the logos of the big fashion companies—mar the perfect beauty of famous supermodels. Buetti often perforates his photos, covering them with points of light so that they seem to shine from within. His works succeed in posing penetrating questions about the glamour of the fashion world, youth culture, and society’s obsession with beauty.

In terms of aesthetics and content, Buetti’s new works are linked to these older works, and he develops them in many different ways. New materials are included in his work, which he often presents in larger installations.

Our Collector’s Edition is an especially poetic photographic work from 2007, a portrait worked over with needles in Buetti’s unmistakable style and then re-photographed.

Daniele Buetti

Pigment print in folder
Sheet size: 50 x 40 cm
Image size: 46.1 x 36 cm
Limited edition of 25 + 5. a.p.,
signed and numbered


€ 1,200.00

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