Christian Ruschitzka


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Christian Ruschitzka

Text(s) by Gerald Bast, Eva Blimlinger, Brigitte Felderer, Roman Horak, Guido Magnaguagno, Robert Pfaller, Margarete Heck, graphic design by Thomas Kussin, contributions by Sasha Pirker

German, English

2011. 192 pp., 411 ills.

half cloth

22.40 x 27.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3183-6

Surprise and artistic annoyance aggravate the boundary between sculpture and Conceptual Art

Christian Ruschitzka (*1962 in Mürzzuschlag, Austria) is one of country’s most extraordinary artists. As a sculptor, he circuits the concept of sculpture with as much wit and irony as he does with criticism and reflective thought. Simple objects, such as, for example, found pieces of furniture, are “skinned” as if they were part of a hunting ritual, their individual layers of paint stripped off and nailed like trophies onto the wall between sheets of plastic wrap. The artistic (re)arrangement of the elements of these objects makes visible their form of usage and calls to mind the effort that went into their manufacture. A glove directly integrated into the sculpture of a snowman playfully alludes to the use and usefulness of things. In the process, the authenticity and independent existence of things are brought to light—major motifs in the humorous artist’s work.

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