Café Dolly. Picabia, Schnabel, Willumsen

Hybrid Painting

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Café Dolly. Picabia, Schnabel, Willumsen
Hybrid Painting

Text(s) by Margrit Brehm, Claus Carstensen, Anne Gregersen, Annette Johansen, Roberto Ohrt, Christian Vind, graphic design by Axel Heil, fluid editions, ed. Annette Johansen, Margrit Brehm


2013. 240 pp., 280 ills.


27.80 x 31.10 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3718-0

A direct comparison of three unique artistic stances from different epochs

One hundred and fifty years after his birth, the Danish artist J. F. Willumsen (1863–1958) is well on his way to becoming an artist’s artist. Recognized for his merits as a representative of modernism in the eighteen-nineties, his later works were long regarded as commonplace, self-ironic, and kitschy in his home country, whereas his entire oeuvre has remained largely unknown to an international public. The reception of Willumsen’s late work thus recalls that of the figurative works from the thirties and forties by French artist Francis Picabia (1879–1951)—they, too, were not elevated to warrant sophisticated postmodernist reflection on painting until the late eighties.

The book compares works by these two artists with those by the American artist and film director Julian Schnabel (*1951) and discusses the transhistorical similarities in their painterly strategies and explicit self-staging of their role as artists. It also reflects on the reception history of the works and more broadly on the mechanisms of assigning value in art history.

Exhibition schedule: Willumsens Museum Frederikssund, September 8–December 31, 2013

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