Bridget Riley

Ausgewählte Gemälde 1961-1999

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Bridget Riley
Ausgewählte Gemälde 1961-1999

Ed. Raimund Stecker, contributions by E. H. Gombrich mit der Künstlerin, Michael Craig-Martin, text(s) by Robert Kudielka, Michael Krajewski, Raimund Stecker, Bridget Riley

German, English

1999. 144 pp., 49 ills.


24.50 x 28.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-0907-1

The influential British artist Bridget Riley belongs among the vanguard of European op-art artists. Having explored the artistic techniques of the Neoimpressionist painter Georges Seurat since the late fifties, she developed her own approach to representing optical phenomena, working first in black-and-white and grey, and from 1967 also in colour. The effects she achieved in her early paintings established her reputation as a master of optical art. Bridget Riley´s art hit the very nerve of the time, as may be seen in the popularization of her imagery for commercial purposes both in fashion and graphic design. In this publication, examples from Bridget Riley´s work are used to trace her artistic development all the way to her most recent pieces. The artist herself has a chance to explain her positions in interviews with E. H. Gombrich and her fellow artist Michael Craig-Martin as well as in a theoretical text. An essay about her reception well into the nineties rounds off the book. The artist: Bridget Riley, born 1931 in London. From 1949-1952 studies at Goldsmith's College, London. Lives and works in London, Cornwall and France.

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