Between Walls and Windows

Architektur und Ideologie

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Between Walls and Windows
Architektur und Ideologie

Ed. Valerie Smith, contributions by Kader Attia, Georg Diez, Terence Gower, Valeria Luiselli, Lytle Shaw, Ivan Vladislavic u.a., Markus Miessen, Marko Sancanin, graphic design by NODE Berlin Oslo

German, English

2012. 280 pp., 271 ills.


22.00 x 29.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3474-5

Architecture = Ideology? The House of World Cultures in Berlin

In 1958, the United States presented West Berlin with a congress hall, a “beacon of freedom transmitting its rays toward the East,” as its architect, Hugh Stubbins, defined his work. Today, the building accommodates the House of World Cultures, and the ideology of the Cold War has given way to intercultural rapprochement. What role did architecture play in this? How do buildings and lifestyles affect milieus, habits, attitudes, and morals? This publication is a collection of analyses, ideas, and literary narratives on the question of whether architecture can influence people, encourage them to pursue freedom, and empower them as citizens. Artists, photographers, architects, and writers address the richly historical House of World Cultures, creating a concept of architecture that contrasts global tendencies toward uniformity with the charm of regional characteristics, supplemented with texts by Adalbert Stifter, Jenny Erpenbeck, Tom McCarthy, Haruki Murakami, Georges Perec, and others.

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