Beomsik Won


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Beomsik Won

Graphic design by Andreas Platzgummer, ed. ILWOO Foundation, foreword by Suejin SHIN, text(s) by Marc Prüst


2015. 80 pp., 87 ills.


24.50 x 31.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4030-2

Ilwoo Photo Award 2013

Humorous attempt at a typology: architectural collages assembled from buildings from throughout the world

The dome gets taller and taller, one balustrade spans the next—yet this spectacular tower was never built; it is merely the result of the collage technique applied by the South Korean artist Won Beomsik (*1972): the series initially begun in London assembles and combines details from photographs of buildings by a variety of architects. A deconstruction of the urban landscape that allows new arrangements and connotations, and tells unexpected stories. Archisculpture plays with cultural conventions and blind spots: while Won’s exaggerated, exotic tower pagoda seems realistic to the Western eye, we quickly detect the expressive artificiality of a bold construction consisting of a storefront with a Baroque dome. According to the artist, his fragile structures deliberately provoke alarm, a stab in the sense of a Barthesian punctum.

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