Anjar 1939-2019

Rebuilding Musa Dagh in Lebanon

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Anjar 1939-2019
Rebuilding Musa Dagh in Lebanon

Ed. Vartivar Jaklian, text(s) by Hossep Baboyan, Vartivar Jaklian, Susan Pattie, graphic design by Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt


2019. 144 pp., 100 ills.

hardcover with DVD

30.00 x 26.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4665-6

A City’s Checkered History

The small city of Anjar lies about sixty kilometers east of Beirut, in Lebanon. Its history borders on the miraculous. In 1939 a group of Armenians from the area Musa Dagh, who had survived the massacre and persecution perpetrated by the Young Turks, found each other. With support from the French colonial government, they managed to buy the land. Not only did the city planning that ensued foresee giving each family some land and a house, they also built three confessional schools in Anjar—apostolic, catholic, protestant. In celebration of the city’s eightieth anniversary, the architects Vartivar Jaklian and Hossep Baboyan discuss this utopia, which is devoted to social and individual life, in this illustrated volume containing historical sketches and current photographs, as well as companion texts. The film accompanying the book also features interviews with today’s residents of Anjar.
​VARTIVAR JAKLIAN (*1976, Aleppo) und HOSSEP BABOYAN (*1976, Beirut) both have Armenian roots and come from Lebanon. They studied art and architecture in Beirut (Institut des Beaux-Arts) and in Venice (IUAV Università). They commute back and forth between these two metropolises. Jaklian is an architect and a photographer, and Baboyan is an architect and a filmmaker.

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