Andréas Lang


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Andréas Lang

Ed. Frizzi Krella, Andréas Lang, text(s) by Frizzi Krella, Hans-Michael Koetzle, Stefan Weidner, graphic design by Horst Moser

German, English

2019. 144 pp., 70 ills.


30.00 x 29.00 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4548-2

A powerful journey to our past

In astronomy the word “eclipse” describes the phenomenon of one brightly lit heavenly body covering another. It was an eclipse in 2006 that inspired photographer Andréas Lang to create his cycle of landscapes related to early Christianity and the Crusades in the Middle East, Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Palestine. His analogue works of art, most of them in black-and-white, are distinguished by a profound, almost metaphysical darkness. They track the fateful, tragic sites of European history, where the spirit of the past blends atmospherically with the present. Influenced by Romanticism, especially the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, Lang’s photographs also pose humanity’s great questions.

22.1.–18.4.2019, Guardini Galerie Berlin

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