Alex Hoda

Work in Progress

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Alex Hoda
Work in Progress

Ed. Cass Sculpture Foundation, graphic design by Corina Neuenschwander, text(s) by Clare Hindle, Claire Shea, Flavia Frigeri, Melissa Hamnett, Gerald Matt, contributions by John Richardson


2015. 112 pp., 176 ills.


21.00 x 29.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3974-0

At the intersection between figurative and abstract sculpture

The practice of London-based artist Alex Hoda (*1980 in Canterbury) has evolved significantly from his initial figurative groupings of deformed, post-apocalyptic creatures, finished in his signature materials of latex and rubber. His most recent sculpture refers to our ability to arrive at a false premise by misinterpreting what is in front of us. Hoda's writhing metal forms, at once suggestive and impenetrable, ask us to consider whether a biased or predetermined reading occurs when interpreting abstract sculpture. In his current practice, he also uses a technique of automatism to challenge the viewer's approach to figurative sculpture. These works recall a surrealist agenda, one that is summed up by Max Ernst's desire for “the viewer to witness the emergence of the work”; what the viewer's sub-conscious brings to the sculpture ultimately determines its reading.

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