Abisag Tüllmann

1935-1996Bildreportagen und Theaterfotografie

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Abisag Tüllmann
1935-1996Bildreportagen und Theaterfotografie

Text(s) by Martha Caspers, Kristina Lowis, Ulrike May, Barbara Lauterbach, Katharina Sykora, Monika Haas, ed. Martha Caspers, graphic design by Andreas Platzgummer


2010. 304 pp., 298 ills.


25.10 x 30.50 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-2708-2

With a committed eye and quiet humor: Abisag Tüllmann’s artistic interpretations of significant issues of her time

As a photojournalist, Abisag Tüllmann (1935–1996) was deeply involved in observing the political and social developments of her time, yet she was at the same time also one of the most important German theater photographers.

After her brilliant debut with Grossstadt, a photographic portrait of Frankfurt, Tüllmann turned to student unrest, citizens’ movements, and the art avant-garde of her day, capturing Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Joschka Fischer, Rudi Dutschke, and Joseph Beuys in images that have since become part of our collective image memory. She took her camera around the world, reporting on issues such as the conflict in the Middle East and the freedom movements in Africa. Tüllmann furthermore translated innovative stage work by Claus Peymann, Peter Stein, and Robert Wilson into independent visual worlds of their own. This publication features around three hundred pictures, the first representative cross-section of her astonishingly multifaceted oeuvre.

Exhibition schedule: Historisches Museum, Frankfurt am Main, November 24, 2010–March 27, 2011

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