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For the classically trained sculptor Monika Grzymala, drawing is the center of her artistic interest. Whether sculpture, mural or room installation, the extremely fine feeling for the line as a possibility of visual articulation and for the haptics of the material used - whether handmade paper or industrial adhesive tape - runs through her work to date. Following the traditional Japanese method of repairing porcelain 'Kintsugi', Grzymala has embossed the porcelain surfaces with a "spatial drawing" made of wire and filled the resulting lines and surfaces with shiny resin colored by white pigments.

Monika Grzymala | #03 of 15  Monika Grzymala | #09 of 15



The work of the South African artist Robin Rhode, who began his career on the streets of Johannesburg, goes beyond the usual framework with the variety of techniques used and complex references. His playful combination of street art elements, performance, photography, video and drawing has catapulted him into the front row of an internationally sought-after generation of younger artists. In Edition Door, Rhode stages Plato's allegory of the cave: Two anonymous characters symbolize life and death, the transition between the sensual and spiritual world.

Robin Rhode | Titel



In his impressive installations, the Frenchman Christian Boltanski, undisputedly one of the most important contemporary artists, pursues a kind of search for traces, in which typical props of memory - old clothes, documents, photographs, toys - reconstruct a fate and create an identity. Our edition consists of two collages typical of Boltanski's work and shows portraits, which, however, are composed of strips of old photographs of various people. The portrayed persons appear familiar, yet are fictional condensations whose enigmatic fragments do not reveal their story.

Christian Boltanski | Portrait Chinois de C.B.  Christian Boltanski | Portrait Chinois de C.B.



Annette Messager's multifaceted work has been and is on display in museum exhibitions around the world. In 2005 she won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for her installation Casino in the French pavilion. The 1972 work is a wall installation of found black-and-white photos with an album. For the Edition Gerd Hatje, Annette Messager provided us with her original negatives. The edition consists of two motifs each, which are presented together with the book in an elaborate, hand-made folding box.

Annette Messager Les Tortures Volontaires (1972), 2013  



In his series Yangtze - The Long River, which won the prestigious 2009 Prix Pictet photography award, Nadav Kander traced the radical changes in the banks of China's mightiest river, documenting the inexorable transformation of the Middle Kingdom. In our Collector's Edition, Kander counters the power of the factual with a poetic visual language: The withdrawn work Priozersk XIV (I was told she once held an oar) by the master of soft tones radiates a great calm.

Nadav Kander | Priozersk XIV (I was told she once held an oar), Kazakhstan, 2011



In his beguiling photographs, Olaf Otto Becker shows us landscapes that are in a state of flux. Each of his photographs, no matter how overwhelmingly beautiful, is a document of the endangerment, even the threat of destruction of a unique world. Our breathtaking Collector's Edition, a large-format, age-resistant pigment print, shows a piece of untouched, magical nature, an enchanted lake in the protected area of the Malaysian Danum Valley - still undamaged by human hands.

Olaf Otto Becker | Primary forest 02, Lake, Malaysia 10/12, Altitude 240 m



The photographic work of Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, who has become internationally known through numerous exhibitions in Europe, the Middle East and the USA, is created on extensive photographic journeys. Our Collector's Edition by Ursula Schulz-Dornburg is a true treasure chest: It contains a baryta print on first-class photographic paper showing the minimalist, wonderfully simple store window of a Chinese nail store from 1972.

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg |



Complex interlocking apartment buildings, a viaduct with a pillar made of unstable boxes, abstract-sculptural-looking structures: Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin uses a digital collage technique to create bizarre architecture from photographs of real buildings. For our Hatje Cantz edition, the photographer has selected one of those "dream houses" that Dujardin himself describes as "high-tech structures with a low-tech shell.

Filip Dujardin



The unconventional paintings of the Berlin artist Kerstin Drechsel question the social norms, dominant concepts of beauty, role patterns, and ideas of the intimacy of today's big city life. NO, daily Vol. 3 deals with various forms of protest, ranging from an inappropriate style of dress or taste in furnishings to hidden references to masculine or feminine connoted gestures, signs, and objects of everyday life.

00603251_Drechsel_Edition_NEIN_daily_Vol.3_2011 00603251_Drechsel_Edition_NEIN_daily_Vol.3_2011 00603251_Drechsel_Edition_NEIN_daily_Vol.3_2011



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December 2, 2020

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