Utopia & Contemporary Art

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Utopia & Contemporary Art

Text(s) by Christian Gether, Marie Laurberg, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Simon Lamunière, Hou Hanru, Camilla Jalving, Richard Noble, Jacob Warmberg, Rachel Weiss, Malcom Miles, Stephen Duncombe, David Pinder, Inke Arns, Ildiko Dao, ed. Christian Gether, Stine Høholt, Marie Laurberg, graphic design by Kasper Riisholt


2012. 176 pp., 64 ills.


22.10 x 27.20 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3281-9

The revival and reinterpretation of utopia in contemporary art

Utopia has become a controversial concept, spanning the field between the belief in an ideal society and the dystopian nightmare. Within the last decade, the contemporary art scene has witnessed a return of utopia and utopian thinking. Whether detectable as an impulse, critically reassessed as a concept, or cautiously or daringly articulated in a specific vision—utopia continues to matter. This publication investigates the meanings of utopia in contemporary art. Theorists, critics, and curators discuss the different ways of thinking and performing utopia in contemporary art from a broad range of angles. The essays explore the current relevance of utopia as well as how people in different societies live, think, act, and imagine. The two parts, Utopia Revisited and Utopian Positions, provide both a theoretical backdrop for the reformulations of utopia in contemporary art as well as examinations of specific utopian stances in connection with the three-year utopia project at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art and solo shows by Qiu Anxiong, Katharina Grosse, and Olafur Eliasson.

Exhibition schedule: ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, ongoing

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