Joep van Liefland


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Joep van Liefland

Text(s) by Oliver Zybok, contributions by Joep van Liefland, ed. Oliver Zybok

German, English

2017. 160 pp., 105 ills.


22.20 x 28.70 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-4257-3

Time travel to an analog universe

What is a video recorder? According to the market, it’s a long-outdated machine that’s been replaced by digital players and storage media. Joep van Liefland (*1966 in Utrecht) proposes a different perspective. His three-dimensional art-installations, sculptures, and wall objects are made from machines and objects from this technological era, lending the now unfamiliar-looking aesthetic a new expressivity. Beyond pure functionality, he makes it possible to again experience how these apparatuses determined our perceptions, influenced our behavior, and marked our habits not that long ago.

This catalogue invites readers to immerse themselves in these familiar, past worlds, and to reflect along with the artist on temporality and change. In front of these works, we’re visitors from the future, yet at the same time, we’re visitors to a past that was once itself science fiction.

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