Impressions from Lishui Photofestival in China

I was invited to Lishui Photofestival in China to give a talk during their symposium, together with fellow speakers Lars Willumeit, Tatyana Franck, Anna Fox and others. But I also got to see some exhibitions. Here are some images (cropped details with shadows and reflections, sorry for that) from the show »ReGeneration3«, curated by Holly Roussell, as well as from »Where Does the Future Get Made?«, curated by Jim Ramer.



Rachel Cox »Shiny Ghost«


Delphine Burtin »Sans condition initiale«


Michael Etzensperger »Nike, from Normalstandpunkt, kein anderer als die direkte Vorderansicht«


Emile Barret »LLIAISONS«


»Where Does the Future Get Made?«

Marco Scozzaro »Digital Deli«


Sarah Palmer »Statement for Waves, Sea Garden and Bending the Bow«


Arash Fewzee »Production Curve«


Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa