Nice to meet you!


My name is Simon and I am this month’s guest blogger at Hatje Cantz. Photography is a big part of my life. Thanks to the projects ‘Der Greif’ and that I’m involved in, I am constantly in exchange with photographers, artists, galleries, curators, collectors and enthusiasts. I really appreciate that I can work with all these inspiring people and that I get to see so much great art work from photographers all over the planet. On a higher level, I care a lot about the implications photography has on societies; especially since we live in a time, where images are omnipresent, while making sense of these images or their implications becomes more and more difficult.

I guess you could say that the impact of digitalization on photography is a common theme in the past 10 years since I founded ‘Der Greif’. Digitalization affects all aspects of society and culture in one way or another. New questions, challenges, but also a lot of opportunities keep coming up continuously in our days. Regarding photography, these are questions like: How do we create reality with photographic images – or do we even have to? What does the term »reality« mean in times where more and more photographic images are computer-generated? How can we find ways to reasonably evaluate what we see? How can we control the use of images in the age of hypermedia?

I’m convinced that we are in the middle of a big shift that we still have to fully grasp, as we try to understand its implications upon us as individuals and also upon society as a whole. But I am also willing to see digitalization as a process that needs to be formed – and hopefully this formation is taking shape more from within the industry than from outside. With my projects I try to do that on different levels.

For my next blog posts, I plan to talk more about the idea behind the art project ‘Der Greif’ and, where I’ll present to you some recent work we did with ‘Der Greif’ and start a general discussion about the role of the image in the age of hypermedia. By the way, this is also the subject of the upcoming Lishui Photography Festival in China and the title of a presentation I’m giving there next week.

I hope I caught your interest and curiosity, and I look forward to returning soon for my next blog post!