The beautiful portraits of Yagazie Emezi

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-06 om 11.14.59

Hi! My name is Joost Bastmeijer, a photo journalist currently traveling through Africa. I’m also the editorial coordinator of MENDO, and Amsterdam-based company that initiates, creates and designs photo books. This November, I’ll be sharing pictures of some (African and Dutch) photographers that caught my eye.

Today, I’d like you introduce you to the beautiful portraits of Yagazie Emezi, a photographer from Aba, Nigeria I’ve been following for a couple of years now – she counts as one of my big examples when it comes to photography. Her portraits are so vivid and full of life, that they truly represent what West Africa is all about.

Although her work is stunning, they often evolve around heavy subjects, focused on African women and their stories surrounding health, sexuality, education and beauty standards. Emezi has been published by major media outlets like The Washington Post, TIME Magazine and The New York Times. I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram.

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